Would this convince you?

Dear Adam Young,

The fist time I heard your soft techno beat exploding from my sisters room, I knew there was something missing in my music collection.

I’ve always liked unique music, so when I first listened to the smooth electric sound, I fell in love. I realized that I have finally found my band. The band that I can sing all the words to all of the songs. The band that I count down the days until the next album. The band that I tell my friends about. The band I buy ringtones for my phone with. Your band. Owl City.

I could sit here and tell you how unique and amazing your music is all day, but the purpose of this letter is not to flatter you. I’m writing this to explain to you my bafflement when I realized the next concert you are performing near me was occurring on a Sunday night. You see, my religion does not permit me to go to concerts on Sunday, therefore I cannot attend. When I found out that this event was on a Sunday, I was distraught. I kept checking the website hoping the date would be changed because not many performers hold concerts in Utah on a Sunday because of our infamous Mormon majority.

I have been letdown and hope that the next time you visit Northern Utah, you choose a different day of the week.

Your still devoted Owl City admirer,

Holly Sparks


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Lauren Elizabeth said...

great. also. I just realized there are some edits that I didn't tell you. * my sister's room, * unique music. So when I *changed, because not many * on a Sunday, because . and maybe instead of saying 'northern utah' because that implies Logan, Ogden, you can say Salt Lake City/Provo area. or something. Just a suggestion. you can now call me (katie)

Katie Lane said...

yeah there are a few grammar stuff... but really really good!

lindsey; said...

it would convince me.