Thank you dad

Finally, it's over.
I walked out of that French classroom and took a deep breath.
Found my friend Alyssa and headed for the door.
"Oh yes..."
"I'll Drive, and Val can meet us there"
The clicker wouldn't work.. no big deal right? my car malfunctions all the time.
Manually unlock.
Put the key in the ignition.
The car didn't even try to start.
It just sat there.
So I tried again.
I was not in the mood to deal with this after taking a 4 hour long test.
So I thought maybe it just needed to be jumped...
Called that dad.
Talked to a friend about Basshunter.
Then the dad came.
Everything he tried was unsuccessful.
Decided to pick up the mom, and go home.
Went to work.
Called the dad.
Car... FIXED!
Just needed a new battery.
Thank goodness.

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